• Vertical screw accumulator

    The use of vertical spiral accumulators for intermediate storage of strip steel can overcome the shortcomings of horizontal accumulators and pit accumulators with large engineering volume and large space occupation, and a large amount of strip steel can be stored in a small space. And the thinner...
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  • Steel sheet pile equipment

    Steel sheet pile equipment

    The steel strip is subjected to continuous cold-bending deformation to form a Z-shaped, U-shaped or other shape in section, which can be connected to each other through the lock for building foundation plates. Steel sheet piles produced by rolling cold-formation are the main products of cold-form...
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  • 200×200 tube mill (automatic direct square forming process)

    200×200 tube mill (automatic direct square forming process)

    This production line is a special equipment for the production of longitudinally welded pipes in metallurgy, construction, transportation, machinery, vehicles and other industries. It uses steel strips of certain specifications as raw materials, and produces square pipes of required specification...
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  • Metal Calcium Cored Wire Equipment

    Metal Calcium Cored Wire Equipment

    The calcium metal cored wire equipment mainly wraps the calcium wire with strip steel, adopts high-frequency anhydrous welding process, undergoes fine shaping, intermediate frequency annealing, and wire take-up machine to finally produ...
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